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lulz_politics's Journal

What is LULZ?
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What are we all about? This is a FFA (Free For All) political community where we post things that don't fit in other political communities.

What belongs here:
Anything political related. Amusing, funny, or just plain weird.

What doesn't belong here:
Non-political items. Duh.

Please respect other members and don't troll. Unless you're afa_mom, then you are welcomed to troll all you want.

In lulz_politics:

We worship at the altar of Jon Huntsman Jr., our Angel of Bipartisanship.

Sometimes we love Tom Perriello, and sometimes we grump at him, but we always want to squish his cheeks and eat him right up.

Jake Tapper is our favorite sexy douche.

We have a love/hate relationship with certain Floridinian Republicans.

But we will always protect them from Pedobear.

We have much ~banksta love~.

We love our fratboy douche squinty speechwriting boyfriend.

And dork out over congress.

Blingee is our master.

And we spend way too much time on Twitter.

So please consider joining us. Tom Tom thanks you for your time.

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